The Alston W. Burke Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a full time undergraduate student pursing a degree in teacher education. First preference given to a candidate who participates in intramural sports, club sports, or intercollegiate athletics as a non-scholarship athlete and who desires to teach in the NC public schools. Second preference is for any candidate who participated or is currently involved with public school athletics and aspires to teach and coach in the NC public school system. If there is not a qualified candidate who meets either of these preferences, the scholarship may be awarded to any student pursuing a degree in teacher education. Committee will award based on academic ability, academic major, and other criteria deemed appropriate by the Committee.

$20,000 over 4 years
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you participate in intramural sports, club sports, or intercollegiate athletics? Please descirbe your involvement. or insert N/A if not applicable.
  2. Are you receiving an athletic scholarship?
  3. Are you interested in coaching or public school athletics?
  4. Do you want to teach in NC public schools?