The Bryan Bennett Study Abroad Scholarship to Russia

This scholarship will be awarded to an ECU student to study abroad on the ECU Summer Study program to St. Petersburg, Russia. The Bennett Scholarship aims to cultivate knowledge and regional expertise to improve relations and understanding of Russia and E. Europe. The award will be granted based on considerations of both merit and financial need. Minimum GPA 2.0. Applicants are also required to submit one letter of recommendation.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select the term of your proposed trip.
  2. What is the name of the program for which you are applying and what country or countries will be visited?
  3. Please describe how you think the study abroad experience will advance your personal and academic objectives. Essays should be between 250-600 words. Less than 250 words will automatically disqualify you from scholarship consideration. Essay should address some of the following: why the proposed/planned program will benefit your academic and post college career; how study abroad will contribute to your personal growth; why you feel you should receive the scholarship.
  4. This scholarship requires that each applicant provide one (1) letter of reference. This letter should come from a faculty member within your major that can speak to your skills, abilities, activities, and/or community involvement. You should make sure the reference provider is willing to provide you a reference letter and then let them know to expect an email invitation to provide the reference. It is your responsibility to make sure they file the letter prior to the scholarship deadline.