The Honors College Scholarship for Incoming Transfer Students

This scholarship opportunity is open to incoming transfer students that have completed at least 24 hours of community college coursework at a NC community college.

Supplemental Questions
  1. The Honors College is more than a scholarship—it’s a diverse living-learning community of dreamers, intellectuals and innovators. Our community is committed to cultivating an inclusive, equitable, supportive and welcoming environment at the highest level. We acknowledge and listen to those voices that have been marginalized and silenced for far too long. We leverage privilege to ensure justice for all. We practice civility and empathy. Believing in and nourishing an active, engaged, and inclusive citizenry that yields positive social change is our top priority. I agree with the above statements and realize I am applying for a unique opportunity that includes a supportive environment for a diverse community of students.
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  2. Writing Prompt #1: The Honors College at East Carolina University seeks to admit students who bring diverse experiences, possess intellectual curiosity, seek innovative intellectual experiences, and value our university motto, "to serve." All applicants have impressive academic records for our 10 seats for transfer students. Take this opportunity to communicate what differentiates you from the others. Please choose just ONE of the following prompts and write an essay that reflects your true self (maximum 400 words):
  3. 1- What do you think you're much better at than you actually are? Explain. OR 2-Tell us about a time where you had to either take a risk or stay safe. What did you do and why? OR 3-Talk about a personal accomplishment unrelated to academics, but meaningful to you.
  4. Writing Prompt #2: You are giving a TED talk. What is the topic? Provide your talking points and explain why you chose that subject. (maximum 400 words)
  5. Please request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or department chair at your community college. This letter should speak to your intellectual curiousity, persistence, character and integrity, as well as to why you should be considered for the Honors College at ECU. Please enter the reference provider's name and email address. Be sure to check the accuracy of the email address to ensure it goes to the correct person. Then follow up to be sure they received the request and then complete it. Your application will be considered incomplete and will not be submitted for reveiw without the recommendation letter.
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