The ECU Tuscany Scholarship

The study abroad scholarship is open to ECU students who are participating in or will participate in the ECU Tuscany program. This opportunity is for travel in the SPRING or SUMMER terms.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select the term of your proposed trip.
  2. Tell the review committee about your study abroad plans.
    • Have you applied to or been accepted into your chosen study abroad program?
    • What is the full name of the study abroad program for which you have applied or will apply? (Include name of program as advertised on ECU Pirates Abroad site and include city/country).
    • What is the length of your program? (Academic year, Semester, Summer, Spring or Winter Break)
    • Will you receive academic credit for the abroad experience?
  3. Is there a language component of the study abroad program for which you are applying? If so, what is it?
  4. Have you previously traveled outside of the United States? If yes, please list the countries visited, dates of travel, and purpose of the travel.
  5. Please describe how you think the study abroad experience will advance your personal and academic objectives. Essays should be between 250-600 words. Less than 250 words will automatically disqualify you from scholarship consideration. Essay should address some of the following: why the proposed/planned program will benefit your academic and post college career; how study abroad will contribute to your personal growth; why you feel you should receive the scholarship.
  6. Are you an EC Scholar?
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