PLEASE STOP AND READ to ensure you log-in to ECUAWard correctly.

If you are an existing ECU Student or Staff/Faculty member, please sign in using your Pirate ID and passphrase (password) using the Applicant/Admin tab. Once in, remember that faculty/staff and students can have several roles within the system. You can hover over your name on the right side/top bar to see what role you are signed in as and shift as needed between Administrator, Reference, Reviewer, Applicant.

If you are a new incoming ECU student and you have recently been accepted for admissions to East Carolina University, please make sure you have completed the Admitted Student Checklist. This checklist includes directions for setting up your Pirate ID and student email account. Once these actions have been taken, you will be able to access this system using your Pirate ID and passphrase (password) you created in setting up your student email. There is no requirement that you commit or pay an enrollment deposit to ECU to before completing the General Scholarship Application.

If you are external to ECU and have been asked specifically to be a Reviewer or Reference Provider, please click the “References and Reviewers” tab above before you attempt to sign in. You will sign in using the password you created when you confirmed your account.


To access your Reference or Reviewer account, sign in with your Blackbaud ID (BBID) using the email address where you received your invitation.

If you don’t have a Blackbaud ID, click Continue with Blackbaud ID then select Sign Up and follow the steps to create one. The sign up is a one-time process. Once you have signed up, you will be able to sign in with your new Blackbaud ID.

If you need to recover your password or you have not yet received an email confirming your account, see trouble signing in.