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Dr. Jeremy Lee Walters and Battalion Chief Luther Alan Walters

Dr. Jeremy Lee Walters, son of Battalion Chief Luther Alan Walters, endowed this scholarship to honor his father and his family’s service to the Raleigh Fire Department. Luther Alan Walters entered the Raleigh Fire Department in 1981 and served 31 years before retiring with the rank of Battalion Chief. He performed in nearly every position, including Firefighter, Driver/Engineer, and Captain. He was a Captain on the hazardous-materials team, a certified instructor who assisted the Training Division, and a Personnel Officer before his promotion to Battalion Chief, a rank he held for thirteen years. One of his proudest career accomplishments was helping to create the Raleigh Fire Department Historical Society in 2007, later renamed the Raleigh Fire Museum, and which is still operating to this day.

This scholarship is open to students who have a parent that is a Firefighter. The first preference is for the son/daughter of a Raleigh Firefighter. Second preference is for the son/daughter of a Wake or Johnston County Firefighter. Third preference is for the son/daughter of a North Carolina Firefighter.


Emily C., the inaugural recipient of this scholarship said the following in her letter of appreciation. “Without a doubt, this scholarship will play a key role in achieving my educational goals. Because of your generosity, the financial responsibility placed on me to pursue my education has been reduced. That means I can spend more time on my studies and extracurricular activities and less time worrying about my finances. On behalf of my family, the College of Nursing, and other ECU students, thank you so much for your continued support. I will continue to work hard to be the best Pirate Nurse I can be!”