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This is East Carolina University’s on-line scholarship application portal. Completion of the General Scholarship Application on this portal will allow interested students access to a variety of scholarship opportunities on our campus. ECU holds an annual process and our opportunities begin opening in August. Additional opportunities may open each month throughout the academic year. If an opportunity currently says ENDED in the Action column, it may not have opened yet for this cycle.

Note that many of our opportunities for incoming students will open on August 1 with the start of our annual Admissions process. Campus based opportunities for existing students tend to open on November 1 each year. You may start your application before the opportunities open as your application is live from the moment you start it until the opportunities close at the end of the cycle and can be updated and amended throughout the fall semester.

The fully completed General Scholarship Application is the only form a student has to fill out to be considered for opportunities that are designated as “auto-match”. These opportunities have pre-determined qualifiers in place that allow the system to “auto-match” applicants to these opportunities. Auto-match opportunities typically say NONE in the Actions column and have the following statement in their description: You will be automatically considered based on your completed General Scholarship Application. Applying and qualifying does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship.

Additional opportunities that are noted with “apply” in the Action column will require supplemental information from the applicant in order for an application to be considered. If you click on the name of the opportunity, the system will show the additional information/questions that have to be answered/provided in order to apply for this opportunity. Applying and qualifying does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship.

To view a list of additional opportunities for which an applicant may be eligible, please visit the Recommended Opportunities page on the applicant dashboard, review the opportunities and their requirements, and complete any supplemental questions or requirements.

Award notices are sent to applicants via ECU student email accounts. Notices begin going out in late February and all selections are typically completed with notice to recipients by mid-April each cycle. Therefore, it is important for applicants to check their ECU email account regularly.

Note: Scholarship awards are subject to the availability of funds each year and annual award amounts may vary. Funds are always for the next academic year and are typically awarded across the year – half in the fall semester and half in the spring semester.

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