The Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship in Organic Chemistry

This Department of Chemistry fellowship is awarded to graduate students in the Chemistry MS program who are doing thesis research in an area of organic chemistry. An original research proposal is required of all applicants. Selection is made by the chemistry Graduate Program Committee and the faculty members of the Organic Chemistry division.

1. The student must be enrolled full-time in the Chemistry Masters Program
2. Have at least a 3.5 GPA in the lecture courses completed during the first year of enrollment in the ECU Graduate Chemistry Program.
3. Demonstrate a commitment to the study of and to a career in organic chemistry.
4. Have selected a research advisor and formed a thesis committee.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you doing your thesis research in an area of organic chemistry?
  2. If yes, please attach your research plan. The plan should include the significance of the project, the methodology, and pertinent references. Paper should be single-spaced and limited to four pages.
  3. Describe your future Education/Career Plans.
  4. Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship Questions
    • A. What is your date of entry into the Chemistry MS Graduate Program? (semester and year)
    • B. Please provide the name of your thesis advisor.
    • C. Please provide the names of your thesis committee members.
    • D. Please provide the graduate-level courses you have completed or have in progress at ECU. List course title, course number, semester/year taken and grade.